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"I love that you took my vision and created a design for

it cause that's not something I can do " - @itsitbosslady

Does your Instagram page

leave a GOOD first impression?

When new visitors check out your profile page, they’re either thinking “eh” or “wow this person is the real deal!”; and they make this decision in less than 3 seconds!

That’s right. They judge your credibility by how your page looks first – and that determines whether they consume your content or not.

Here are some CRITICAL mistakes that turn people away:

Mistake #1

Not Looking Different

Looking like a cheap copy of another brand/person, or having no presentation at all (which comes off as boring)

Mistake #2

No Clear Value Proposition

Not using symbolic graphics or keyword text to communicate the value you have to offer (without making people read your bio)

Mistake #3

Inconsistent Presentation

Constantly changing your colors, fonts, graphics, logo positions, etc creates visual chaos and gives a perception of unprofessionalism

Want to Give Your Instagram

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Brand Your `Gram

"This series was incredible.Thank you." - Sharon N.

If you’ve been feeling like it’s time to:

STOP attracting energy-sucking price shoppers, and START attracting more clients who value premium quality services

DITCH the dull “just like everyone else” look, and create an INVITING page that speaks to your vibrant and fun personality

STOP wasting valuable CEO time messing around on Canva, and INVEST that time in taking care of your clients, and tasks that actually grow your business

BECOME a sought after LEADER in your industry with a clear competitive edge

Then you need to


Hi, I'm Sam!

At age 10, I taught myself graphic design so the websites I built would stand out and have a competitive edge others in my space.

Now twenty years later, I’m still using my design superpowers to help my amazing clients do the same with their Instagram!

get to know me...

Lover of cannolis! I’ll try any cannoli-flavored treat.  I do NOT recommend B&J’s cannoli ice cream though…

I enjoy all types o renovation shows like Fixer Upper and Kitchen Nightmares. I'm a sucker for Before and After transformations.

My favorite type of shopping is grocery shopping. Sometimes I make impromptu brand videos when something catches my eye in an aisle.

I’m a two-time Christmas Con attendee. In other words, I watch waaaay too many Hallmark Movies (and not just the Christmas ones)!

"She really asks questions to get to know you so she can come up with the perfect designs for you" - @katrina_rodgers

Finally Look and Feel Like

the Expert You Are!

with Stop the Scroll Branding

Stop the Scroll Branding is the ONLY Instagram Branding service that provides the entire Instagram transformation from profile to post!

You’ll have a design for every type of content you can create on Instagram, including a 10-page Carousel, Reels cover + shareable Stories graphics…

but more importantly, you’ll have a signature look that followers will remember you for and make them stop the scroll!

Now Booking for March 2022

Our Recent Transformations

Martha S., Professional Organizer

Danielle L., Private Chef

Dr. Hortencia J., Health Coach

Zahra K., Finance Coach

Jonathan W., Mortgage Lender

"Honestly, I expected you would design only. You brought more to the table than a designer." - @bestonlinereadingtutor

Besides helping your Instagram look amazing and professional, we can also help you:

Communicate Your Value

Developing a brand tagline and using visual cues to help new visitors understand what you do in less than 3 seconds

Optimize Your

Publishing Power

Maximizing the lifespan and ROI of each post published to continue bringing in new leads even when you don’t publish new content.

Organize Your Content

To help your different follower segments find and binge on content relevant to them – thus improving their experience with your content

Working with me is a no-brainer if:

You want to work with an experienced designer who SPECIALIZES in Instagram Branding with over 100 satisfied clients served since March 2020

You’re TIRED spending your valuable CEO time on Canva trying to make your post attractive, only to end up being too embarrased to post it

You want to feel CONFIDENT that your Instagram accurately represents and communicates who YOU are so that it attracts more people who want to work with you and ONLY you

You LOVE educating your audience but your content suffers from information-overload. You need help turning your wealth of knowledge into digestable, BINGEABLE content.

"It was very painless and easy, and I am very

impressed with the results - @wendi_tomota_

Hey, you made it to the end!

I have one last question for you:

What might happen if your Instagram page was more inviting and communicated your value to your ideal clients clearly?

Could that…

Create a POWERFUL and positive first impression that builds TRUST with new audiences, and turns them into followers?

POSITION your brand as premium status, giving your the CONFIDENCE to increase your prices and thus increase your revenue?

Allow you to publish less content, and still have the IMPACT you would if you posted multiple times a day…getting comments from your followers saying, “I feel like I see your posts all the time!”

Let's blow up YOUR

brand in 2022!

Book a free discovery call with me, and if we find it's a good fit, you'll have your templates in 2 weeks!

"Because your


depends on you

being seen

being remembered

& being of service"

- Sam "Awesam" Masinsin, CEO